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Right-to-Life Groups Across the Country Call for Opposition to Pain-Capable Legislation

hr36bContact: Sarah Quale, Press Secretary, Personhood Alliance, president and founder, Educe, (612) 702-3443

Minneapolis, MN, Oct. 9, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- On October 3, 2017, the House passed the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36) with several serious flaws. Two of these flaws, say multiple right-to-life leaders, are detrimental to the common goal shared among the diverse factions of the pro-life movement—to protect and defend all human life, from conception to natural death.

“As a person concerned with defending human rights,” explains Daniel Becker, president of Personhood Alliance, “I want to let my fellow pro-lifers know that it’s okay to oppose laws Republicans put forth and national organizations support, when those laws go against our shared goal as a movement. You’re NOT ‘not pro-life’ for speaking up. In fact, by opposing this flawed legislation, you’re upholding the values that we all fight for every day.”

The first flaw, notes Christopher Kurka, executive director of Alaska Right to Life, is the lack of standard language that prevents activist judges from using the law to create a right to abortion. “A simple clause,” says Kurka, “stating that ‘no right to abortion shall be established in this law’ is completely missing. Combine that with language that specifically carves out exceptions to the 20-week rule and explicitly permits all abortions before 20 weeks, denying those younger babies personhood, and we’ve just set ourselves up for SCOTUS to keep Roe intact indefinitely.”

Molly Smith, president of Cleveland Right to Life and board member of Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, agrees: “Whenever you have a piece of legislation that says ‘if you do this and this and this, then you can go ahead and abort the child’ it must be recognized for what it is—a bill that further enshrines abortion into law.”

Gualberto Garcia Jones, national policy director for Personhood Alliance, explains further. "Forget about how the Supreme Court would analyze this bill, because it will never get past the Senate. Then the pro-life movement will be left with another failed show bill, and a poor one at that. We’ve already set a dangerously low bar for House GOP members by allowing them to proclaim how pro-life they are, all the while knowing this bill's fate. Now, we do a disservice to our pro-life base by pretending that the Senate, who couldn't even reallocate taxpayer funds away from Planned Parenthood, is going to end abortion after 20 weeks. Instead,” says Jones, “We should focus on a real, winning strategy, which is to hold our legislators to a higher standard and replace those that fail to meet it. But sadly, much of the pro-life movement has, once again, lowered its standards in order to have a seat at the table with legislators that are pro-life in name only."             

Echoing this sentiment, Dr. Patrick Johnston, president of the Association of Pro-Life Physicians explains the second flaw: Exceptions for children conceived in rape and incest. “To permit the killing of some children is to abandon our moral high ground and God's blessing. Our congressmen and women must protect all those they are duty- and constitutionally-bound to protect.” Rebecca Kiessling, president of Save the 1 and conceived in rape herself, adds: “My people group feels the pain of discrimination every time so-called pro-life laws exclude us from protection. What’s more, women who experience the horrific violation of rape deserve better than a law that promotes a second act of violence as a solution.”

Similarly, permitting abortion for children conceived in incest is particularly harmful, as abortion is often used to hide evidence of the crime and give the perpetrator continued access to the victim. “Several studies have shown that abortion is rarely voluntary for incest victims,” says Kiessling. “Like the assault itself, abortion is often forced or coerced, which contributes to the victimization. When abortion providers look the other way, and when we explicitly permit this in our laws, we aid and abet this injustice.”

Ricardo Davis, African-American pro-life activist and president of Georgia Right to Life, reflects: "A strength of the early Civil Rights movement was its commitment to apply a biblical view of personhood to the plight of Black citizens dehumanized by slavery and faced with daily threats to their lives. Today, we cannot say that HR36 is just when it dehumanizes the majority of preborn children killed by abortion." 

“With Republicans in control of the House, Senate, and Oval Office, pro-lifers need to ask themselves some serious questions right now,” says Matt Sande, legislative director at Pro-Life Wisconsin. “Why aren’t we using this opportunity to put forth legislation that upholds our shared goal? And why are we allowing this current legislation to give cover to our politicians who continue to receive ‘100% pro-life’ ratings while directly undermining our efforts?”

These are questions that leaders across the country are rising up to ask right now.  Pro-lifers are encouraged to join them by calling upon their Republican representatives and national pro-life organizations to work toward ending legalized abortion without compromising the foundational principles on which the pro-life movement stands.

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Personhood Alliance Welcomes New Organization to its International Board


Contact: Daniel Becker, Personhood Alliance, 770-667-3777

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Our nation's newest national prolife group, Personhood Alliance, today announced the addition of a new at-large organization—SpeakLife Inc. (SpeakLife) to its membership.

SpeakLife Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides online courses for individuals, churches, and organizations in the Christian pro-life movement. They feature professionally designed curricula which presents the truth about life with evidence, compassion, and integrity and in the unique context of history, culture, and God's Word.

Sarah Quale, president and founder of SpeakLife, Inc. is to hold one of five at-large chairs and will be specifically representing the area of education, philosophy and pro-life apologetics.

Sarah Quale headshot portrait medium"We are blessed to have Sarah Quale join our efforts to help lead this nation back to first principles and biblical compliance in pro-life thought and action," said Daniel Becker, founder and president of Personhood Alliance. "Her unique abilities and contributions gives the Personhood movement the intellectual foundation to reshape the pro-life dialogue in ways the world has not seen since Dr's Francis Schaeffer and Jack Wilke came on the national scene in the early '70's." says Becker. "Beginning with the Enlightenment and then through every century of recent history, SpeakLife identifies and traces the consequences of embracing false philosophies in the Church and the culture and how these 'mis-steps' are perpetuating the travesty of failure that we see in current pro-life policy and politics," says Becker.

"SpeakLife is honored to partner with Personhood Alliance to take a principled stand for life. They—like we, understand the current crossroads the prolife movement faces and recognize this time in history as an opportunity for the movement to rediscover its values, return to first principles, and reclaim its spiritual authority. We are excited to provide the educational foundation the movement needs to seize this opportunity and prepare Christians to boldly speak the truth in love," said Quale.

"As noted, SpeakLife (see speaklifeinc.org) provides online courses that educate, equip, and empower Christians to stand for life in the unique ways they are called. This knowledge is essential for such a time as this." said Genevieve Wilson, officer and executive board member of Personhood Alliance.

The Personhood Alliance currently has established member organizations in Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.


2017 Personhood Alliance Defender of Life Award


Dr. Patricia McEwen was presented the 2017 Personhood Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award on May 20th, 2017. The "Defender of Life" award is granted for those who have faithfully served the "least amonst us." 

Dr. McEwen is President of Life Coalition International and Vice President and co-founder of Personhood Florida, and currently serves on the Personhood Board of Directors. Pat received the Personhood Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award for her life-long commitment and dedication to equal protection for all human beings. She continues to serve as the Administrative Director of Operation Save America, a position she has held for 23 years.

"Pat has almost single-handedly planted and developed our international acceptance and support for personhood as the 21st century answer to a post-Christian culture. There are a number of countries now dedicated to pursuing personhood as a direct result of her lifetime of service to defend the sanctity of life" said Daniel Becker, President of Personhood Alliance. 

In addition to the award she was also given the first printed copy of the Alliance's new book, Personhood the Tree of Life: The Biblical Path to Pro-Life Victory in the 21st Century. "Her chapter (Chapter 21) is a testimony to the LORD's glory of how personhood is spreading among the nations. She is truly a servant of the LORD in her ministry to those who are voiceless," said Becker.

Personhood Alliance Initiates Fulltime Lobbyist on Capitol Hill

Washington, D.C.—One of today's fastest growing grassroots pro-life organizations inaugurated its fulltime lobbying efforts for the 2016 legislative session in Washington, D.C. this week. "I am pleased to announce our legislative agenda for 2016," said Personhood Alliance President Daniel Becker. "We are meeting with the nation's pro-life political leadership to discuss two pro-personhood pieces of legislation. We are requesting a hearing on two bills H.R. 426 (Hice-GA) Sanctity of Life Act and H.R. 816 (Mooney - WV) Life at Conception Act, which reflect a personhood approach to legal protection for all human life at any stage of development."

"We are actively working these two bills toward a single hearing that would anticipate a post election 2017 re-introduction and vote. These two bills represent the stated historical objective of the pro-life movement and we would like to begin the job of educating the grassroots base and setting expectations for a new bill in 2017 that firmly respects the biblical standards established by the movement in the early '70's", said Becker.

Each bill establishes the personhood of the pre-born as its legal objective. This has been the objective of the pro-life movement since its inception four decades ago. Recent "message" bills such as the 2015 Pain Capable Bill and S.R. 3762, a partial defunding of Planned Parenthood, have confused this legal objective by stipulating that there are classes of human life that can be sacrificed for the "greater good of the greatest number". "This utilitarian approach by pro-life leaders and politicians dilutes the standard that all life is to be protected by equal protection of the law" Becker claims.

Due to a Presidential veto, these bills have NO path to enactment. "These bills are simple 'message bills.' Politicians can show no credible path to enacting the protections for pre-born children that they so loudly proclaim. These type of bills will never save a single baby—they are designed to save politicians in an election year." said Becker. "We want substantive protections and we believe that a Life at Conception Act in 2017 would assure that every baby is protected from her earliest biological beginning."

Personhood Alliance is one of the only full-time pro-life lobbying efforts on capitol hill reflecting this pro-personhood position.




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