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. . . Pre-Born Human Children at an Embryonic Stage

". . . the (human) embryo is not nothing"

Judy Norsigian of the Boston Women's Health Book Collective (current editor of the benchmark feminist text, Our Bodies, Ourselves)

"To say that these embryos are 'cellular' life but not human life is to engage in a game of semantics. Every one of us started out as embryos."

Carrie Gordon Earll, bioethics analyst for Focus on the Family

Therapeutic Cloning is a term that masks a horrible truth . . . someone must die in order that others may potentialy benefit.

Human experimentation without human consent was outlawed at the Nazi Nuremburg trials of 1949. The biotech community at Emory and University of Georgia routinely kill human embryos as they seek to advance medical science through the cloning of young children.

A Personhood Amendment would be the first step in establishing ethical paramenters that protect human dignity in the 21st century.