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Personhood Founder Delivers Keynote at International Prolife Conference

Daniel Becker, founder and president of Personhood Alliance, delivered the keynote during the recent International Prolife Conference in Jerusalem, Israel. The symposium had representatives from fourteen nations in attendance. The international conference was hosted by Be"ad Chaim, the prolife messianic Jewish ministry led by Pastor Tony Sperandeo. Becker was asked to come two weeks early in order to speak on the issue of Personhood: A Biblical Response to Emerging Technology, in various congregations all over Israel. "I was told by one pastor that opened his pulpit, that this was the first prolife message in his local town . . . in his thirty years of ministry. It was well received. In fact he asked me to preach at a gospel outreach on shabbat evening to a group of young people and pilgrims at a local youth hostel."

Becker also visited the center of prolife ministry in Israel. "I was most impressed with Be'ad Chaim's work among women in crisis pregnancy. I met with Sandy Shoshanni at their Jerusalem offices and saw a well staffed, highly trained group of counselors with satellite offices all over the country. Their ministry extends beyond providing for the emotional, physical, spiritual needs of women in crisis pregnancy and reaches into the 'red light' district of Tel Aviv to deliver women in the clutches of sexual traffickers." At the conclusion of the Conference attendees participated in a literature outreach in Tel Aviv with a focus on the beachfront and "red light" district.

"I was honored to be asked to bring the message of Personhood to the nations. The result was that many national leaders have requested that this message be brought to their respective national conferences.I believe that the Lord is using the Personhood movement to establish a fresh biblical approach to prolife activity in a 21st century context."

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