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Start a State Personhood Affiliate

Personhood is the new prolife paradigm for the 21st century. Personhood is Christ-centric, biblical worldview approach to the issue of the sanctity of life. We believe that all innocent human life is exceptional and unique and must be recognized by law and imbued with "rights and privileges". Simply put, Personhood is the cultural and legal recognition that all humans are unique persons with unalienable rights.

Protection for the elderly infirm, the disabled and pre-born humans at every stage of their biological development must be achieved in order to preserve human dignity and a respect for life in

the culture. We are looking for people of passion, knowledge and action that are willing to sacrifice their time and talents to this important objective. We are looking for existing pro-life groups who are willing to sign on tto the newest, most exciting branch of the pro-life movement.

In order to realize the goal of a Personhood Amendment to the US Constitution, we must first build consensus state-by-state. There is a need for a new prolife paradigm. The old paradigm has had a forty year run and has not succeeded in its objective. It is time to quit the strategy of compromise which never produces a principled movement. Jesus said, "Do NOT put new wine in old wine skins." It is time to challenge each candidate for public office and each state legislature to take a stand for the last human rights issue of the 21st century—Personhood.

If you are interested in starting a Personhood affiliate in your state we would ask you to do the following:

  •     Contact National Personhood Alliance if you are an existing group.
  •     Organize an initial group of 10-15 interested volunteers from your capitol city and it surrounding suburbs.
  •     Volunteers from all over the state are welcome to attend this initial meeting, we just require the majority to be from the capitol city.
  •     Call Dan Becker, President, Georgia Right to Life, to come and speak to this initial group. At this meeting you will be introduced to an effective strategy to effect cultural change. Minimum group size is 10. Call 770-667-3777.
  •     After the initial meeting a second meeting will take place that will officially recognize a governing Board.

Personhood wants to change the nature of prolife politics in America. Our nation's need is great. We are in need of volunteers who understand the difference between training for a "spiritual marathon" as opposed to "a 100 yard dash."

Will you be a voice for the voiceless?