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Personhood and Poison Berries

BREAKING NEWS: In Australia today the headline reads:

"Stop the berries:  Tony Abbott says all dodgy imported frozen berries will be 'stopped at the border' in the wake of Hepatitis A scare"

China's lax agricultural standards have precipitated a crisis Down Under. It appears that some 450,000 Australians are estimated to have eaten imported berries carrying Hepatitis A. The Red Cross fears widespread contamination of their national blood supply and is rejecting donations from donors who have eaten the poisonous fruit . . . and rightly so, as this represents about 2% of the entire population. Australia's top elected official, Premier Tony Abbott, has taken the appropriate action of stopping these poison "pills" at the border.

Today's prolife movement is consuming a similar type of poison. Instead of Hepatitis A we knowingly ingest an infection that is much more insidious to treat—Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is defined as a philosophy which advocates "the greatest good for the greatest number." In his book The Ominous Parallels, Leonard Piekoff points out that this type of thinking led to the Holocaust in Europe, "“The greatest good for the greatest number” is one of the most vicious slogans ever foisted on humanity." Pope Benedict XVI, speaking to the Pontifical Academy for Life warned,

"...[regarding bioethics] the guiding principle is ‘do no harm.’  But contemporary bioethics abandons this…in an effort to find the utilitarian goal of the ‘greatest good for the greatest number.’   Under these principles, preserving the life of the human patient is not considered paramount.”

One doesn't have to look very far to find this poison manifested in much of today's current "prolife" legislation. I am referring to laws which we label "prolife" but also justify the killing of certain classes of human life, in order, we are told, "to save as many babies as possible." I am talking about supporting flawed bills which contain "exceptions" for abortion, like children with fetal anomalies, as seen in the Georgia 20 Week Pain Capable Bill or the most recent version of the 20 Week Pain Capable Bill HR 36 in DC where children were targeted for destruction based on their manner of conception.

Former National Right to Life Committee President Wanda Franz, has publicly reminded us that the reason these bills must have "exceptions" is because "We must not let the perfect become enemy of the good." This quote is from a godless French philosopher named Voltaire who sacrificed his own children to his philosophy. This example of the poison of utilitarianism is always justified by 'prolife' leaders as the only pragmatic way to pass prolife legislation. States like Georgia and Michigan have no "rape and incest" exceptions in any of their legal code and prove our Lord's adage "You have NOT because you ASK not". There are now 15 states attempting to reverse this insidious infection. A number of state groups  such as Pro-life Virginia announced just today, that they are joining with Rebecca Kiessling (Save-the-1) to plead with the prolife groups and lawmakers to "NOT throw those of us who were conceived in rape—UNDER THE PROLIFE BUS!"

On Friday, February 27th there will be a hearing on yet another poisonous precedent in the state of New Mexico—a Late Term Abortion Ban,  ?#HB390? and the Parental Notification of Abortion Act, ?#HB391?. These bills have flawed definition of maternal health and a clear violation of the biblical command to "NOT put to death the child for the crimes of its father." (Dt. 24:16) 

Please call the legislators below AND the state prolife groups and be clear . . .  this bill is deadly in its current form and we want it "stopped at the border" lest it infect our own state efforts to protect ALL innocent human life. Tell them to REMOVE the EXCEPTIONS and flawed "health of the mother." which allows the abortionist to define health.

New Mexico Alliance for Life (505) 550-8247
Archbishop Michael Sheehan (505) 831-8100
NM House Judiciary Committee  
Zachary J. Cook (575) 937-7644
Paul A. Pacheco (505) 263-9235
David E. Adkins (505) 986-4453
Cathrynn N. Brown (575) 706-4420
Eliseo Lee Alcon (505) 986-4220
Gail Chasey (505) 246-2221
Jim Dines (505) 986-4242
Brian Egolf (505) 986-4757
Nate Gentry (505) 986-4776
Georgene Louis (505) 938-9144
Antonio Maestas (505) 242-2279
W. Ken Martinez (505) 287-8801
Terry H. McMillan (575) 635-0534
For the Sanctity of ALL Life in the 21st Century,
Dan Becker
Personhood Alliance

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