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Prolife Leaders in South Africa Embrace Personhood

October 9, 2015 - South African prolife leaders hosted Personhood Alliance President, Daniel Becker, for a series of meetings that introduced "Personhood: Being Prolife in the 21st Century" as their focus . "I was thrilled with, not only the receptiveness of their leadership, but also the follow-up for future meetings and the implementation of our approach to prolife work", said Becker, "The battlegrounds for the sanctity of life are expanding around the world and personhood is the only answer to many of the challenges we face in the arena of emerging technology. It is no longer exclusively about abortion."

In a series of lectures Becker presented the "History of the Prolife Movement Throughout the Church Age" to the gathered professors and students at Cedar College, a well respected Christian college located in the heart of the Zulu tribal home. He was specifically asked to address Doctors for Life at their annual Board meeting on the philosophy of transhumanism and its impact on cloning, stemcell research and reproductive technologies. "It has been over a decade since I have been this challenged. I must rethink our medical ethics in light of our Christian worldview" observed Dr. Moses Tendasi.

Dr. Albertus van Eeden is Chairman of the premier organization representing the prolife movement in South Africa, National Alliance for Life. He invited Becker to speak at their annual meeting on the subject of utilitarianism as addressed in the lecture series entitled "Ideas Have Consequences."

"It was the highlight of a busy schedule which ended with the annual national March for Life in Durban, SA." Becker said. "It was the largest South African prolife March to date. We marched for over 4 km around the central shopping district in Durban. I look forward to see how personhood impacts the sanctity of life in this very Christian country in the near future."

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